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First Tooth Box - Firsty Round by Lumage

About Lumage

Visual creators with an Extra
Lumage – originally an industrial- and graphical design agency – designs, produces and sells beautifully shaped products that always stand out because they have something Extra.

Since 1998
In 1998 we designed the ´Lumage W´ unlighted cards.
We didn’t stop innovating and creating, and since then many more designs were developed. Examples are the picture frames (PF, MF) and the shippable lights (H).

The Lumages find their way to individuals, as well as business buyers:
promotion cards

We adapt our designs to the wishes of the client, or design completely new products. An example of such a commissioned assignment is the Rappange Grachtenhuis.

Flat shippable, 3D product after shipping
Every Lumage product can be sent in an envelope and can be folded up to a sustainable, spatial object. This is why Lumages are pre-eminently suited for mailings and as inserts for magazines and packages.
Lumages with a theelight are completely made of tested, self-extinguishable materials

In stock or quickly deliverable
Many of our products are directly available or can be produced quickly.

Lumage sinds 1998

  • Lumage in short:
  • since 1998
  • always products with ‘an Extra’
  • flat shippable and foldable to 3D objects
  • from 100 up to 100.000 pieces
  • do-it-yourself and tailor made objects
  • do-it-yourself and tailor made objects
  • development of new products possible
  • Famous and less famous clients

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