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First Tooth Box - Firsty Round by Lumage

SOS Wristband

Vacation or a day away with the kids?
SOS- wristband, a save feeling during your trip
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Larger orders and printing
We also deliver the wristband to daycare comapnies, primary schools, nurseries and companies ( as a promotional gift).
Printing of the label ( with adres or company logo) is possible when ordering 1000+.
Call or mail us to receive more information or a sample: 015 2141015 or email



SOS-Polsbandje Kunststof polsbandje met herbruikbare sluiting. Het waterbestendige label kan beschreven worden. Geschikt voor alle leeftijden van baby tot senior. 1,49 EUR

Combiset 4 Kleuren SOS-Polsbandje 5,36 EUR

Other (holiday-) Products

Gengigel® Baby Tandvleesgel 9,95 EUR

Mondspiegeltje (icm 2x FT + actiecode) 0,00 EUR

trefwoorden: poslbandje

SOS-wristband for your children : just to be sure!