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First Tooth Box - Firsty Round by Lumage

Firsty® Round

In a Firsty® Round Tooth Box you can save and display your children's teeth in a row, the way they were in the mouth!
Place the teeth in the right order by pushing them into the holes in the special Firsty-foam.

Compact round and lightweight housing that fits in a child´s hand.
Sturdy, transparant and easy-to-use lid with bayonet catch to protect the collected teeth.
Includes a Logbooklet (4 Pages, full colour, 105 x 75 mm, with lots of space for noting when teeth erupted and came out. With a tell story of 'Sarah and the Tooth Fairy'. Fully in English.
Can hold a small photo of your little one. Includes a Keepsake Disk that is visible on the back of the box.
The ideal Gift for a Newborn or a Child at its 5th or 6th Birthday or when the first tooth comes out.
Available in many colours and in favorably priced Combosets with 2 or more boxes.

Advantages of the Firsty Round over our older design with paste:
- No more use of Paste, so the paste cannot dry out
- Covers are unbreakable (children tend to drop the FirstTeethBox quite often)
- Neat exact placement of the teeth
- Beautifull neat guiding map of the milkteeth placement
- Can be expanded with a plastic 3D-printed ring with the name of your little one.

Bekijk een sample van het Firsty Round Logboekje [94 KB] (pdf)



Firsty Round Toothbox

Firsty Round Pink 10,95 EUR

Firsty Round Blue 10,95 EUR

Firsty Round Red 10,95 EUR

Firsty Round Yellow 10,95 EUR

Firsty Round 2 Combiset -- Price per Piece € 9,95 -- 19,90 EUR

Firsty Round Name ring