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First Tooth Box - Firsty Round by Lumage

SOS Wristband: re-useable, € 1,44 and less


Vacation? Schooltrip?

SOS-wristbands for your child: just to be sure!
A scary thought for every child ( and parent): A trip to the beach when suddenly: you can not remember where your parents are at the beach. No more nightmares or long searching actions with this reusable SOS-wristband: it Is a plastic wristband with a waterproof label on which the name of your child and the mobile phone number of the parents can be written.
Comes in handy during school trips, on vacation or a day way, everywhere children might get lost or can wander away in a crowd.

Also for adults: roadtrip by yourself?
We also receive a lot of orders from adults: fanatic sporters that go on long hiking trips by themselves or heartpatients that use it to communicate their medication

Op vakantie?, Dagje uit met de kleine?

SOS polsbandjes met uw mobiele nummer, een veilig gevoel!

The SOS wristbands are waterproof and produced using anti-allergic material, they do not cause irritation to the skin. Polyetheen, so it is not made of PVC.
Very long (re-)use
These wristbands can be used for an infinite amount of time because the ridges closing mechanism can be re-opened after use. Small children cannot open the closing system themselves.
Writable label
The label, which is made out of water-resistant paper, can be written on with normal, standard ballpoint or marker. After putting the information on the label, it is placed under the plastic window on the band.
Each wristband is delivered with one loose label.
Extra or spare labels can be ordered separately.
Total length of the wristband is 25cm. For the very small children, the end of the band can be cut of to make sure that the end will not be too long. Because of this available length, the band can be worn on top of (winter-) clothing.

The wristbands are available in the color: red, yellow, white and blue.
The SOS-wristbands cost € 1,44 each. This price decreases when you place a larger order
The shippingcosts are € 3,95. Up to 50 bands.
Larger orders, Printing
We also deliver to daycare companies, primary schools, nurseries, and institutions for handicapped. Ask for a sample and or quote.
The wristbands are also an original promotional gift for companies. It will remind your relations several times of your company.
Printing of the label ( with address or company logo) is possible when ordering 1000+.
More information: 015 2141015 or email



SOS-Polsbandje Kunststof polsbandje met herbruikbare sluiting. Het waterbestendige label kan beschreven worden. Geschikt voor alle leeftijden van baby tot senior. 1,49 EUR

Combiset 4 Kleuren SOS-Polsbandje 5,36 EUR

Spare Label SOS Wristband 0,25 EUR

Firsty Toothboxes

Firsty Round Red 10,95 EUR

SOS-wristband for your children : just to be sure!