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First Tooth Box - Firsty Round by Lumage

Unique Firsty Toothbox € 9,95 and less


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Unique by Lumage:
Smart First Tooth Box to collect the Baby Teeth of your little One.

Educational and decorative
The ideal Gift for 5 and 6 year Olds!




Lumage® improved her own succesful 'First Tooth Box' en introduces the new Firsty® Round First Tooth Box.

Box: collect, keep and display Teeth

  • Save the milk teeth as they were once placed in the mouth!
  • Teeth can be placed exact and easily in the special Firsty Foam.
  • After placement in the foam the teeth will be protected by the cover with a transparent window. This window can hardly break should your child accidentally drop it.
  • The box is compact, round and fits perfectly in your child's hand.
  • In combination with a Name Ring (order separately) the box can also stand upright on surfaces.


Logbooklet: Note Teeth Data and Read Story

  • The logbook is a diptych and contains 4 pages (105 x 75 mm) in English.
  • On the front page you can note name, date of birth and place of your child.
  • A specially designed teeth chart is included. On this chart you can note (according ISO 3950) when the teeth erupted and when they fell out.
  • No holes in the teeth! : When a tooth that fell out does not have a hole in it you can check this checkmark and reward your child for brushing his/her teeth well!
  • For the parents: The logbook lists the normal times for the teeth to come through and fall out so you can check the teeth developments of your child.
  • The funny story 'Saar and the toothfairy' is included. You can read this to your children, the story helps your child to brush and eat in a way that is healthy for his/her teeth.
  • Look at an example of Logbook Toothbox (pdf) [63 KB]


Keepsake Disk: Record Gift Occasion


Colors, Prices and Shipping

Colours and discounts
Tip 1 :
Order a larger number of boxes to get a better price (easy to combine orders with family, friends or other parents.)
Tip 2 : Order different colours in a multi-colour Combiset. (2, 3 or 4 pieces) This is cheaper than ordering the boxes separately.


100% Made in Europe



Order Firsty Round

Firsty Round Pink 10,95 EUR

Firsty Round Blue 10,95 EUR

Firsty Round 2 Combiset -- Price per Piece € 9,95 -- 19,90 EUR

Order Other

Combiset 4 Kleuren SOS-Polsbandje 5,36 EUR